Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I miss my friend. I love you Melanie. I thought we would always be together, even if only as friends. I'm doing my best to let go. I just hope she doesn't decide to just go off to school and forget about me. I mean, it'll be her loss if she does, but still...

If you ever read this, take care Melanie. I love you, and I hope for the best for you, always.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

'Inside my heart is breaking,

'Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup may be flaking but my smile still stays on.' Why do I open myself up just to be hurt again? - Evil Jim

Monday, June 13, 2005

Have you ever gotten the

Have you ever gotten the feeling that there is something wrong with time itself? - Evil Jim

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Life sucks but it beats

Life sucks but it beats the alternative. Or at least it had better, or the whole race is a bunch of idiots. - Evil Jim - Evil Jim

Dear lord, now i can't

Dear lord, now i can't sleep. Too much caffine! - Evil Jim

Test - Evil Jim

Test - Evil Jim

Okay, the purpose of this post was to see if i could use my mobile phone to post again. So apparently it worked. =D

Give unto Ceasar

I sent this to the blizzard billing departement, but thought you guys would find it amusing too. Names have been changed to protect the stupid.

Okay, my username is and I seem to be having a slight problem with my account.
It's not active.
Since prepaid WoW game cards have about the same apparent availability as a Vietnameese hooker in my neck in the woods (and I live in Ohio - nowhere near Vietnam mind you) I use my sister's credit card to pay for my WoW account, which hasn't been a problem - until now that is.
You see, what I didn't forsee is that my sister's card expired on 05/05. So obviously, when the next billing cycle comes around, it's billing to an expired card, and my account gets deactivated until payment can be rendered. Completely understandable. No complaints there. You don't get paid, I don't get to play. Sounds logical enough to me.
So I sit down after TWO DAYS of patching on dialup (I know, not the billing depatment's fault, I'm not blaming you guys for that.) I finally get to sit down on Friday evening, after a long day of dealing with assholes in a customer service capacity (so I can relate guys, really) and try to play my favorite MMORPG, when I discover that every time I try to log on, the server tells me that my username and pasword are incorrect.
"That's weird" I say to myself.
So after checking out all the possibilities as to why this might be occuring, I call my sister to make sure that there wasn't a problem with the card. Sure enough, it had expired. Simple fix, right? I just pop on to the "Account Management" part of the site and fix it, then I can play to my heart's content.
This is where the sweraring starts guys. I'm sorry. It's been a long day. It's probably the I.T. guy's fault anyhow, so feel free to chew him a new one for me if it makes you feel any better.
Once again, sorry for the swearing.
So anyhow, it's 3, no wait, now it's 4 A.M. and I STILL can't get my WoW fix because of a F***ING BILLING PROBLEM.
There it goes again. Sorry.
See, I love Blizzard. You guys are great. You produce games that I love, which is a good thing. The few problems I encounter with your games, you fix without me even asking. You even introduce improvements to the game without making me pay for an expansion (which, as an unfortunate side effect, has lead me to expect a LOT from your expansions, but I digress). I mean, you guys are one of the best gaming companies out there. My experience, overal, with Blizzard has been 1000% over and above the quality from my experience with Sony and Everquest. Worlds of Warcraft has been so great that I doubt that I will play annother MMORPG until Worlds of Starcraft (pleeeeaaasssseee) or WoW 2 comes out.
But there is one thing that Sony had you beat hands down at, I'm sorry to say.
You know, Sony never made it a pain in the ass to make sure they got my money.
And that's the only thing they've got you beat at. And the only thing that's got me pissed off right now.
Sorry. Just fix it so I can make sure you get my money and I'll be happy.
Until they nerf hunters, that is =D